Everything You Should Know About Adding An Extension To Your Home | House Extensions In London

You’re looking for more space and planning a home extension – what next?

In this video from Formed Architects and Designers, Tina Patel answers all of your questions about building a house extension including:

What Permission Do I Need to Extend My House?
How Much Does a House Extension Cost?
Do I Need a Party Wall Agreement for My Extension?
Does An Extension Add Value To Your House?

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00:00 Planning a House Extension
00:17 Considerations When Expanding Your Home
00:39 What Planning Permission is Required?
01:13 How to Maximise Natural Light in a Home Extension
01:33 Sound Considerations for a Home Extension
02:06 Home Extensions in Conservation Areas or Listed Buildings
02:31 The Cost of a House Extension
03:43 Update Your Neighbours on Your Home Extension Plans
04:27 Party Wall Agreements
04:42 Complying with Building Regulations
04:57 How Long Will Your Building Extension Take?
05:34 Does an Extension Add Value to Your House?
05:53 Finding a Good Architect